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Why Luvyrooms?

mujeres estados unidos solteras Luvyrooms is the only Portal that is FREE for property managers to utilize. No fees for leads, no subscriptions fees, and no commissions for bookings. We get a small fee from guests when they book your rentals, which is why we don’t charge anything.

Luvyrooms handles all aspects of listing creation and maintenance. We sync your rentals’ information, rules and restrictions, and update the data real-time. We ensure that every booking adheres to your rules and restrictions and all fees and taxes are accounted for.

No more competing with your owners on bookings!

Cheremkhovo We only list hotels managed by property management companies. We understand the value of renting a professionally managed property and work hard to educate travelers on the same.


  • Bookings, Not Leads
  • We do not send you leads or inquiries for you to chase after. Rather we send you confirmed bookings.
  • Completely Managed Listings
  • No more spending time on yet another web site. We do the hard work of creating and maintaining your listings.
  • Maximize Profits, Not Discounts
  • Our ‘set it and forget it’ yield management tool adjusts your prices automatically to maximize your rentals’ desirability.


  • Make Your Selection
  • Select the types of emails you want to send and choose the frequency of delivery.

Add Branding & Guest Info Provide your branding information, and the email addresses of the guests you want to engage with.

Let Us Do Our Magic

Tampere We will create your emails and send them to your guests based upon your preferences.

Get a chance to become our top selling property in your city and receive 300-400 room nights every month consistently.

Pay your monthly electricity bills with the business Luvyrooms provides to you. That’s the minimum amount of business you can expect from us.

We don’t work on credit payments. No matter you receive 1 token or 10 bookings a day, We send the payment every single day for the booking of that day. we don’t keep your money with us.

Recession-proof business. No matter whether its the chilling month of December or the Sunny May, Our hotels partners don’t have an off season.

Get exposure to the huge customer base of the people who wants to experience this novel hospitality concept in India

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